Daily vulnerability monitoring and security scanning for newest security issues. Full scanning and regular pen testing of your servers and web applications.

Security Assessments and Penetration Testing. Testing on network and application level. Common break-in paths tested for in software, network servers and equipment. Testing is performed with automated and manual methods and tools.

We offer onsite cybersecurity instructions and training for your company’s employees. It is a fact that by far, the most common path, and the easiest one, for network intruders and cyber criminals to penetrate today’s company networks is through it’s employees and their lack of security awareness.

Detailed security assessments and penetration testing of websites and web applications. All up-to-date exploits and vulnerabilities for web applications tested. We help you make corrections for discovered security issues.

Assessments, Security scans, Pen testing and ASV scans for the payment card industry.

Network Monitoring for your network servers – like web servers, mail servers, DNS, SSH, FTP, etc. Frequency as low as 1 min.

Web server and website load testing and stress testing. We do load testing to simulate hundreds and thousands of regular website visitors, e.g. with downloads, authentication, regular clicking around, etc.

Consulting for implementation of information security standards ISO/IEC 27001. Consulting and support for PCI DSS self assessments and full scale PCI DSS deployment and operations.