Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

We offer onsite cybersecurity training and instructions for your company’s employees.

Information security in general encompasses both cybersecurity and physical security. Your company’s network servers and computers can be all up to date with the most stringent security settings available, even to the point of being impenetrable from the network level by intruders. However, it is a fact that by far, the most common path and the easiest one for network intruders and cyber criminals to penetrate today’s company networks is through its employees and their lack of awareness.

We provide cybersecurity training for company network users in secure usage of data and computer systems and software. Our goal is – and your should be too – to change the employee use pattern of computer systems to minimize the risk of network intrusions and security incidents by the hand of unknowing users.

We conduct our training courses onsite in small groups with the aim of transforming your company’s employees into being security guards instead of being security threats to the company’s information assets.

Our cybersecurity training will typically covers issues such as:

In any company network, the end user is way too often the weakest link. However, it is our believe that with steady training and good cybersecurity awareness for all employees, it is possible to turn your company’s information system into a stronghold of secure data.