Bithex SecureWerk™ Internal for company’s internal networks

Bithex SecureWerk™ Internal, Vulnerability Scanning Internal Networks

Bithex SecureWerk Internal is a service incorporating a security vulnerability scanner on the customer’s internal network for daily scanning and periodic penetration testing and security assessments of most critical network systems. The service is operated by Bithex personell with support and consultation on nature of vulnerabilities discovered, important changes needed and amendments.

Vulnerability management

For companies operating an information security management system (ISMS) Bithex SecureWerk Internal can be used to manage the total set of known technical security issues in the company’s networked IT assets. The status of information security is monitored and tested on a regular basis. Bithex SecureWerk users can execute security and vulnerability scanning on all critical systems to analyze and classify found issues and estimate probability of security incidents.

At any time, the user can open a list of detected vulnerabilities in all network equipment, ordered by risk level and importance. The user can label false positives and put an estimated on the probability of security incidents associated with each issue.

What’s Included in Bithex SecureWerk Internal?


Bithex SecureWerk Internal comes with a flat annual fee. Please contact us for more information and price quotes.

Bithex SecureWerk™ Internal and Information Security Standards

Bithex SecureWerk Internal fulfills requirement in the PCI DSS security standard of the payment card industry on quarterly internal vulnerability scans and more. Companies which have implemented Information Security Management Systems can use Bithex SecureWerk to comply with many aspects of standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2007. Bithex SecureWerk can be used to implement such controls as risk assessment, probability of security incidents, network controls, security in network services and more.

Information security managment system (ISMS) implementations may vary between companies, but in general, Bithex SecureWerk can be used for controls such as ISO/IEC 27001:2007 s.s. A.10.4.1, A.10.6.1, A.10.6.2, A.10.10.5, A.11.1.1, A.11.4.6, A.11.6.1, A.11.6.2, A.12.5.4, A.12.6.1, A.13.1.2, A.14.1.2, A.15.2.1.